iSprint Funds SMEs To
Adopt Infocomm

That will improve the companys business operations,
efficiency / productivity, revenue.

IDA iSprint

Infocomm solutions with up to 70% subsidy of qualifying costs.

PIC Scheme

Get 400% tax deductions or 60% cash payout from IRAS for solutions by EI


Take your business to the next level with the Capability Development Grant by SPRING

IDA iSprint Grant


The iSPRINT grant, which stands for (Increase SME Productivity with Infocomm Adoption & Transformation), is a grant initiative by IDA (Infocomm Development Authority) that aims to address the different IT adoption needs of SMEs and to make it easy for them to seek assistance for their computerisation projects.


The IDA ISPRINT addresses various areas of infocomm adoption for the SMEs, making it easy and convenient for Small to Medium Enterprises to seek for assistance and funding for projects that relate to infocomm adoption.

It supports the packaged solutions pre-qualified by IDA and also customised solutions, as long as the project involves the use of infocomm technology to improve the company’s business operations, resulting in efficiency/ productivity, increased revenue or value-add for the business.




Enrich Innovations has a team of developers that are experts in providing consultancy for Open Source software and are vastly experienced in the Open Source Web Platform LAMP, which stands for Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP Programming.

Our company believes that for software to be fully utilized by your business, it has to be customized to your business process. Enrich Innovations thus focuses on the customized solutions portions under the IDA iSPRINT grant where applicants can apply under 2 tiers:

  • In-Depth Customised Solutions that require extensive development efforts and business re-engineering (Which subsidises 70% of qualifying cost and no default cap limit (project cost will be on a case-to-case basis)

We are proficient in creating implementing Open Source business applications and further customizing to tailor-make the application catered to your business process and requirements.