Spa Customer Service System
Simplify The Registration Process

Empower your marketing and feedback channel
to provide great customer service.

EI Customer is an easy-to-use Customer Service System for Spa and Wellness establishments. It simplifies the entire process for customers from reservation to registration. The system will increase efficiency in reservations and resolve peak-hour bottlenecks for registration at counters.

All massage establishments are required to attain a customer’s Identification No, Name and Nationality during registration. EI Customer provides a web application that allows registration to be done easily on a tablet with scanning features and database retrieve functionality. This means that first-time customers can register in a minute and repeat customers can just scan their ID and complete their registration almost instantly. Customers can also optionally enter their mobile and email as well, increasing your marketing base for email and SMS marketing.

Managers can view and export the daily visitor log at a click of a button from anywhere, using any device. Advanced reports can be achieved by selecting date range, filter types to have a better insight of what is working for your business. All registrations will be stored securely and archived for as long as you need. The system is backed up daily to prevent any loss of data and we provide an option of EI Customer to work via offline mode in the event that your outlet has connectivity issues. Once our system is online again, it will sync the offline data back into the cloud database.

The system also allows counter staff to enter staff attending to the customer as well as the service type. This creates a visit history for each customer, to better understand their value to you and also if they have a regular they prefer. Letting your customers know you understand them makes them feel valued, resulting in more frequent repeat sales.

EI Customer provides a variety of time-saving features to let you focus on your business. Stay ahead of the curve by having a better insight of your business and customers. For more information, contact us today.




  • Online SMS Reservation
  • One-click Registration Check-In
  • Analytical Reports
  • Customer Profile Database with Visit History
  • Visitor History Log and Archive
  • Scan and Retrieve Customer Data Instantly


  • Increase email and SMS customer base
  • Save staff time and effort
  • Improves productivity
  • Faster registration process
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieve service excellence

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