Turn Any Device Into A Cloud-Based
Time & Attendance System

Spend less time on administration and focus
on what matters most to you.

Tracking System

Ei Tracker is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use system that is suitable for companies that have multiple sites or employees that are always on-the-go. It is an integrated solution that delivers core capabilities of asset/labour tracking, as well as capturing accurate time and attendance.

Our system can work with a wide range of hardware and identification components such as QR codes, RFIDs, Smart Cards and Biometrics, and relay information onto the system in real-time.

Ei Tracker completely automates your organizations’ time, tracking and attendance processes to significantly reduce manual and time-consuming administrative tasks. This results in tremendous cost savings and minimizes overpayments and other errors.

All data is captured onto a secure centralised system that can be accessed by management and administrative personnel. We customize the data-mining algorithms to generate the relevant reports required to fit your organizations’ industrial requirements.

Most organizations will have an existing accounting / payroll software. Ei Tracker serves as a bridge between your HR and Payroll to automate the entire process.




  • Time log entry from various types of device input options
  • Facial photo capture
  • Code Scanning
  • Site Report with image capture
  • Integrate with 3rd party accounting / payroll software
  • Accurate automated overall and individual time sheet
  • Assets report
  • Configurable Rules Engine for work and pay rules
  • Role-based access-level on system


  • Eliminate ‘Buddy’
  • Centralised storage of data with redundancy
  • Minimise overpayments and errors
  • Convenient Web-based robust user interface system accessible 24/7
  • Reduce over-all cost of administration
  • Manage employees across different work sites / offices
  • Maintain an efficient workforce by reviewing time / attendance
  • Automate calculation of late, OT, shift allowances

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