Everyone Uses The Web To Search
For Products & Services Today

Not having a website means closing the door
on a large market of customers.

Every SME owner would have asked this question of themselves before. Should my business have a website, even though my company is small and sells products or services that cannot be sold online? If you have a business, you should have a website. Period.

First of all, whether you should have a website does not depend on how big your company is or whether your products or services can be sold online, that is the biggest misconception one can have. Having a website is about marketing and advertising yourself the way you want your company to be seen at first glance. In today’s informational age where people look for products and services online via search engines and business directories everyday, a website may well be the first point-of-contact between a company and its target audience.

Tell us, have you ever passed judgment at someone right from the first impression you had of him/her? Yes you have. And so has everyone else. First impression counts in life and in business. It is thus critical that you have a website that conveys a good first impression to your potential customers.

It is important for business owners to know that usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a website. Here at Enrich, we conceptualise and create websites that are professional, user-friendly and most importantly, in line with the marketing objectives of your business. A great website is not measured by how beautiful it looks, but how effective the website is in conveying the corporate impression you want your customer to have, and how efficient your website is in displaying key contents that your customers are looking for.

Our company makes it a standard protocol for our team of web designers / developers to first understand your business and marketing objectives before developing a website that caters to the appeal of your key target audience in terms of design, content and navigation. On top of that, we also incorporate our knowledge and expertise in key web design principles into your website to ensure that it achievesperfect balance in aesthetics, usability and utility.


You have a small company?

We will market your website to focus on other strong points such as high quality, professionalism, faster response etc.

You have products that people will not pay online?

We will create a Product Catalog and integrate it with Purchase Order system for them to make a RFQ right in front of their computers.

Your target market is not tech savvy?

We will make sure that the flow of the website and placement of content is easy to find and read.

So what constitutes a good first impression? It is different for everyone and that is where Enrich Innovations steps in to help. We approach web design not as a blind follower of your ideas, but as a consultant that helps you achieve your goals.

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